SBSW8 // Dallas

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of photographing South by So What?! for the second time in two years and to photograph some of my favorite bands that I've never had a chance to shoot before, as well as make some new favorites. Even through some tough weather on Friday and Saturday, with pretty consistent rain coming down both days, the bands put on unreal shows, from Circa Survive and La Dispute, to Vanna, Capsize, Harms Way, Unity, Lydia...Frank Iero...and more. There were a lot. And it was an amazing experience, even if I did spend two days soaking wet and trying to keep my cameras moderately dry.

So yeah, I took some photos, some on film, some digital, all of the live and behind the scenes photos are here in the beginning, with all of the portraits at the tail end of the post.

the southern social #3 // lifestyle // dallas, tx

This may be the shortest time from shoot to blog that I've had in a long, long time. so let's start there, yeah? Saturdays rule, it's simple fact we've all come to accept—Saturday morning cartoons, SNL, college football, sleeping get it. So this Saturday, I got to hang out with my kick ass fiance/best friend (one in the same) at a rad event put together by the people over at Switch Creative down at Billy Reid in Highland Park Village—The Southern Social. And all of this before heading out to see M83 dominate Dallas, which was cool, but they didn't allow cameras. Not quite as cool.  

So coming back to The Southern Social, it was rad. Awesome food from Sissy's Southern Kitchen, great local music from Sam Robertson, and rad style all over the place. And mason jars. Lots and lots of mason jars, because in all reality, they make a perfect glass to drink from. This was the third of the series put on by Switch and Billy Reid, and each concert/party is really done for an awesome cause, to help raise money for some awesome groups (like the Rise School of Dallas). So before I ramble any more, I'll let you scroll through some images, maybe leave a comment or two...


year of the party crashers // vans warped tour 2010 // dallas tx

This past July, I got the chance to cover the Vans Warped Tour at its stop in Dallas, Texas. Needless to say, I, again, was beyond stoked. This time, I was also quite a bit more prepared; carrying two camera bodies, several batteries, lenses, and a rain cover, all of which I considered myself quite fortunate to have at several points in the day. It was also my first time out with my new 5D mk II, and needless to say, I was incredibly impressed with its performance. The festival was awesome, per usual. You really can't beat starting your day with Every Time I Die, Motion City Soundtrack, and Alkaline Trio, and finishing with shooting Parkway Drive after a gnarly storm tore through Dallas.

'09 // a look back

The past year has held a variety of things for me: from my first magazine cover for College Magazine, to my first time to cover Warped Tour, a portrait session with Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes, and coupled with all of these client oriented subjects, I have progressed as a photographer. A shift to in style, a vast shift in the way I cover shows, and wish to present my work, and last, the first (albeit not full) year of this blog. This year has been nothing short of spectacular, and I can only hope that as 2010 rolls around, my progress as a person and an artist will continue moving forward. This post holds some of my favorites, like the photos from April and Chris's engagement session, the recent session at Empire Tattoo in Arlington, Texas, and more. Also, there are several images that I haven't shown anywhere before, some of my first lifestyle work out in Frisco, Texas, a few photos of Architects and Bring Me the Horizon from the Epitaph Tour held earlier this year, and some of your favorites, of course.

I hope that I can hear from you in 2010, the photos you like, a session you would like to book, or even just to talk shop. This year will hold a lot of new, interesting things, and I can only imagine what will come over the next several hundred days.

four year strong // promos // dallas

After a few months of talking with Four Year Strong's publicist about setting up a shoot with the band, it finally came. Not only did I get to see by far one of the best shows that I've been to in what seems like ages with a shoot that I had also been looking forward to quite some time. The shoot itself was pretty simple, I found a pretty cool (if I do say so myself) location directly adjacent to the venue that let me get quite a few looks without moving a set up around Deep Ellum. I played around with my [large] film camera for the first time in a few months at the shoot also, which was rad, and led to me finding a favorite negative film that I can get locally, and re-inspired me to use that camera again. The lighting was nothing extravagant, just a simple use of natural light combined with a single light off camera. All in all, it was a fun shoot with a great group of guys, simple lighting, simple location, and pretty decent weather for being Texas in August... The show was tons of fun also, I've only seen Four Year Strong (and Set Your Goals) in venues like House of Blues and Palladium Ballroom before, and seeing them in a venue the size of The Door was amazing. The energy of the bands skyrocketed, and the crowd was going nuts the whole show, especially when FYS took a break from playing songs off of Rise or Die Trying to play their cover of Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life." It's definitely a show I wish I could have seen in a few different cities, or that I could relive through DVD...