cody // lifestyle // arlington

A few days back I went and hung out with my good friend Cody at the tattoo shop he is working at, Empire Tattoo, in Arlington, TX. For the past three years, always around this time of year, I go and take some photos of Cody to put some new work, and it's cool to see how much new work he gets over the year. It was a ton of fun getting to go hang out with Cody at the shop, play some Modern Warfare 2, and just catch up. Hopefully I'll be able to get some new studio shots up with Cody her in the next month. For now, I'll leave you with these pretty rad photos we got, all in about half an hour. I also can't wait to do more lifestyle work with him as well, always tons of fun.

Also, over the last year, in case you were wondering what all is new work [that I can remember off the top of my head]: Both hands have been done, color has been added to the sides of his neck, his throat, second set of knuckles, and he is now starting his right sleeve. It is quite cool to be able to go back and look at some of the first photos I took of Cody a couple of years back, and then look at the current set of photos and the progression. It provides a reflective experience for myself to think back about the last few years, the things that have happened not only in my life, but in all those around me, including Cody, and after all, that is what photos are meant for, to capture a moment, remember the seemingly unremarkable, as well as the remarkable, in ways that allow us to revisit them, a year, even ten to twenty years down the road, and begin a walk backwards to remembering what we were doing, thinking, saying. [pardon the slight philosophical nature to the end of that paragraph, that history of photography course and my desire to write about such things is beginning to resurface.]

Cody, I'll be seeing you soon man.