i killed the prom queen


Last summer, I had the opportunity to hop out with the guys in I Killed the Prom Queen for a couple of weeks, going from Dallas to Long Island, NY (and then flying up to Chicago for just one more weekend with the crew). Warped is definitely a different animal compared to the run I did in the winter. But I loved it, as hectic as everything was, it's so rad to be able to see so many bands every single day. Plus, shooting in daylight every day really opens up the opportunity to shoot more film. It's also definitely a challenge trying to create different looks and new framing when most days, you're shooting on the same stages in super similar light. Then again, there are also days like Nashville where a midmorning storm turns the area in front of the stage into a massive mud pit.

When I was 16 and going to Warped for the first time, I never would have guessed I'd be spending two weeks of my summer ten years later out on the road with friends on the tour. It wound up being a damn amazing experience, and one I hope to be able to repeat again soon.

i killed the prom queen // crowd surf america //austin, tx

I've been listening to I Killed the Prom Queen since high school and up until this year, I had never had the opportunity to see them, let alone photograph them. Fortunately, this year, I've gotten to see and shoot them twice and two different venues, and two very different times of year. First I shot them this Spring at South by So What in Grand Prairie, and then this last weekend as a part of the Crowd Surf America Tour in Austin, Texas at The Mohawk. They opened the show being co-headlined by Chiodos and Asking Alexandria with their own brand of Australian Metalcore, ripping through a five song set in near 100°F temperatures at an [essentially] outdoor venue, closing out their set with a crowd favorite - Say Goodbye.