matrix criterium // DALLAS

Some rad cycling socks, thrown in for good measure.Women's Open RaceWatt PosseWatt PosseDallas Cycling


A rad bike race down the street from my loft? You can pretty much guarantee I'll be there. And I was. Shooting the crit was a fun little challenge—trying to focus on a single cyclist in a pack of up to 80 coming through a corner at 25+ mph is tricky—but after a few hours, I think I mastered this corner...and I anchored myself there the rest of the weekend...so the variety of shots stems more from the riders themselves than location. Either way, shooting a cycling event has got me excited to go out to some of the other races this summer and to start a new little side project for cycling photos. Easily some of the most impressive athleticism I've been privy to shoot. And also the perfect post to kick off Bike Month...yes, that is 100% incidental...whatever.

If you know anyone in these photos, let me know, or share this post with them.




weekend fun // lifestyle // austin, tx

This weekend was freaking rad. The end.  

Okay, not the end. Jordan and I spent the weekend down ravaging Southern Congress in Austin eating awesome food and relaxing. Which isn't a big change from our regular Austin trips. The addition was hanging out/being photographed by Pat Furey, which was effing rad. Only bummer was not getting to hangout with our puppy while we were down in Austin. On the plus side, we dominated Homeslice, Hopdoddy, and some Lockhart BBQ (before we left for Austin, of course). Pat was rad as hell to work with. Easily the only time I've actually really enjoyed being on the other end of the lens.

I grabbed this frame of Pat while he was taking a photo of Jordan with my iPhone+VSCOCam.

Pat Furey Photographing Jordan Rutledge

And since I'm now back with the puppy (hell yes), here are some photos I grabbed of her just a bit before we left...

Okay, this is from when she was a puppy. Like three months old puppy. The rest are from now (~9 months old)


To say Jordan and I missed Lola would be an understatement. Seriously. I think we talked about her non-stop all weekend.

And to say I didn't use this as an excuse to post about our dog would be an outright lie.

the southern social #3 // lifestyle // dallas, tx

This may be the shortest time from shoot to blog that I've had in a long, long time. so let's start there, yeah? Saturdays rule, it's simple fact we've all come to accept—Saturday morning cartoons, SNL, college football, sleeping in...you get it. So this Saturday, I got to hang out with my kick ass fiance/best friend (one in the same) at a rad event put together by the people over at Switch Creative down at Billy Reid in Highland Park Village—The Southern Social. And all of this before heading out to see M83 dominate Dallas, which was cool, but they didn't allow cameras. Not quite as cool.  

So coming back to The Southern Social, it was rad. Awesome food from Sissy's Southern Kitchen, great local music from Sam Robertson, and rad style all over the place. And mason jars. Lots and lots of mason jars, because in all reality, they make a perfect glass to drink from. This was the third of the series put on by Switch and Billy Reid, and each concert/party is really done for an awesome cause, to help raise money for some awesome groups (like the Rise School of Dallas). So before I ramble any more, I'll let you scroll through some images, maybe leave a comment or two...


the ghost inside // music // dallas tx

I shot these a little over a year ago and never got around to posting them—something about finishing college being a priority—so now, a year later, and with The Ghost Inside gearing up to release their new album "Get What You Give," I figured I'd revisit this set and throw something up on here. (I'll be posting some more from this show later this month, also. Parkway Drive, Set Your Goals, and The Warriors. Such a good show.)

Be sure to check out The Ghost Inside's new song also. So. Damn. Good.