Sixth Street

sxsw 2012 // austin tx

Well, I'm stoked to say SXSW has become a tradition, and an awesome one at that. A week roaming the streets of one of the greatest cities I've visited, seeing bands play in parking lots, BBQ joints, and random ass country bars, dominating pizza, burgers, and BBQ in a way that would be life threatening if it weren't for walking about ten miles a day (up hill both ways, of course). Yeah, pretty freaking awesome. I get pretty damn pumped on SXSW. It's one of the few times when I really just 100% shoot for myself and that I seem to get beyond stoked on the images I make, plus trying new things with absolutely no pressure but what I put on myself is a nice little relief. So, before I bore you to death, I'll just let the images say the rest.