bustin' out the new shi...umm...stuff

If you've been trying to hit up my all...for the last couple of months I'm sure you've noticed a nice message saying that I'm doing some work on the brand and design and everything will be back shortly.


Guess what? It's back. Finally. (yes, i know that whole being back shortly thing turned into a being back sometime in the next millennia...) So after countless hours of tweaking the blog layout, design, figuring out what makes me tick and how to tell you what I get stoked on better, I'm (or at least I think I  am) finished. [Big thanks to Big Deal Branding for having me out to their kick ass Th!nk Tank in Dallas back in October, definitely pushed that motivation over the edge to go through with the redesign]

I'm super pumped on everything that's up here now—things make sense (at least more than they used to). And I definitely feel the look (both design and photos) are more "me." (with me being a guy from Texas who gets stoked on BBQ, bikes, finding rad new bands, college football, etc.)

That being said, get stoked on the blog being here to stay! There's some new stuff coming the next few days: SXSW, fun., a wedding, some bridals, some older stuff from shows, it's gonna be f*cking awesome. Seriously.


rad? rad.