matrix criterium // DALLAS

Some rad cycling socks, thrown in for good measure.Women's Open RaceWatt PosseWatt PosseDallas Cycling


A rad bike race down the street from my loft? You can pretty much guarantee I'll be there. And I was. Shooting the crit was a fun little challenge—trying to focus on a single cyclist in a pack of up to 80 coming through a corner at 25+ mph is tricky—but after a few hours, I think I mastered this corner...and I anchored myself there the rest of the weekend...so the variety of shots stems more from the riders themselves than location. Either way, shooting a cycling event has got me excited to go out to some of the other races this summer and to start a new little side project for cycling photos. Easily some of the most impressive athleticism I've been privy to shoot. And also the perfect post to kick off Bike Month...yes, that is 100% incidental...whatever.

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