North Texas

april+chris // engagement // frisco

April, Chris and I went out to Frisco last week to take their engagement photos. I've known Chris for close to two years now, and recently met April this Summer. The session was great, Chris and April were both full of ideas (some of which we shared), and they were also super willing to try a lot of different things. The shoot was so much fun and there were so many random things that happened while we were out by the corn field, for one, a hot air balloon was launched from just beyond the edge of the property and flew no more than twenty feet over the road super close to us, but the most bizarre thing happened towards the very end of the session... The corn was actually harvested while we were on location, as we were moving down the edge of the crop, we saw two tractors and two trucks with large trailers drive down to an opening in the corn and begin staging for the imminent harvest. As we were getting close to being finished, they started harvesting, and let me say this, April and Chris are troopers for walking through the dust that was kicked up, twice. We wound up using the freshly cut stocks and the husk covered ground for a few more shots before heading home, and some of those were certainly my favorites from the e-shoot.

A big thanks to Michael Danser for helping me out while my camera was at Canon and loaning me his camera body, couldn't have done this eshoot without it man!