I'm engaged

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I'M FREAKIN' ENGAGED! Woohoo! So, after 4 years, 11 months, and a few days, I proposed to my best friend (she pretty much kicks ass at everything). Before I gave her the ring, I snuck in a few little photo-ops with it around our apartment while she was at work.

Last night, Jordan and I attended Celebration of Lights at SMU here in Dallas for the fifth time. Afterwards, we did our usual routine of driving around the area looking at some pretty awesome Christmas lights, and then we made a bit of a detour, back to SMU so I could "take some pictures of Dallas Hall" aka, I'm about to ask you to marry me, so you're gonna have to stand in the cold just a bit longer, sorry. So we get outside and walk back up to the tree and I take a few photos, and ask Jordan to bring our rad as hell dachshund Lola up so I can take a photo of her by the tree. I say hang on, almost done, just let me swap lenses really fast and get on my knee and pull out the ring and ask Jordan if she would marry me.

She obviously said yes.

Seriously people, I'm so freaking stoked right now, it isn't even funny.

So, sorry I fell out of our nice little blog-o-sphere for a while, I promise, I'm coming back, lots of photos are stocked up in the catalog, ready to be posted.

Oh, and there might be a new look coming soon, too...maybe ;)

Again, holy crap, this is effing awesome

100% unadulterated awesomeness.