Dallas Portrait Photographer

karron // bridal // dallas tx

I met up with Karron earlier in April to take some killer bridal portraits at the Dallas Arboretum. I, despite living in Dallas my whole life, had never been there before and I when I arrived, I was stoked. Such a cool place, and (as of May 14) Karron and I are both SMU alum, and seeing so many names that are familiar from the Dallas campus was pretty cool. Karron killed all of these shots though, seriously, so much awesome.

Stoked to be shooting your wedding...right now? (making the most of scheduled blog posts? yes, i am.)

jeff // portraits // plano tx

I got a call from my good friend Jeff a few days back; he wanted to get some portraits taken to give to his mom for Christmas, and I was more than happy to to be a part of his gift. Jeff is a firefighter who recently just got on his first department here in Texas. He's stoked.  And so am I. It's beyond awesome to sit and watch a friend you meet going to local shows finally get the job he really wants, and that's what has happened with Jeff. So, we met up at his apartment and did the session right there. I loved the light coming in through the windows, so we just cut the other lights, opened up all the windows, and went with it.

lee duck // lifestyle // dallas tx

During the summer I photographed the Third String Productions Summerfest in Dallas, Texas at The Palladium Ballroom. In between sets Lee and I went outside and grabbed a few quick frames before the sun started to eat us alive. It was hot, after all, it was late July in Texas. Anyhow, here are two of the photos we got while we were outside shooting.


artist vs poet // band promos // dallas tx

I met up with the guys in Artist vs. Poet a while back to take some photos for the release of their new album, Favorite Fix. The shoot was ridiculously cold, so big props to the AVP guys for sticking it out and shooting all day. It was a lot of fun roaming around downtown Dallas working on getting that perfect shot; I only wish it had been warmer. A lot warmer.