Alex Balash

american mantra // band promos // dallas tx

A couple of weeks ago by buddy Dustin in the band American Mantra called me up wondering if I could take some photos of them in preparation for their EP release. I've worked with the band before and love their music, and that alone made it an instant "YES!" So we set up a shoot pretty much as soon as I could and went to work. Going into the shoot I had planned to use some of my lighting gear, but once we got on location, the lighting that was already there was great. We wandered around in this park for a while, taking photos in a few different sections and then we decided it was time to go hit up one more location before the sun went down. On the way back to our cars, two pit bulls ran across the street and followed us for a good half a block, barking, provoking. Thankfully, that was all they did, but needless to say, the entire band, and myself, were scared to death. The second location was completely improvised, but we used it to its fullest potential, setting up the alien bee once the sun went down and getting some pretty cool (and some mildly funny) shots in the process. Annnnd the photos...

Be sure to check out their myspace for some great music myspace

Also, expect another blog post as the EP release gets a solid release date and all of those fun little details.