eight eighteen // dallas

I had to joy of shooting The Devil Wears Prada's headlining 8:18 Tour with The Ghost Inside, Volumes, and Texas in July when it passed through Dallas. The show itself was incredible, and it is always great covering bands that I've never seen before, but getting to mesh those bands with some that I've been covering for as many visits to Dallas over six years as possible (The Ghost Inside), and two bands I've only been able to shoot once (Texas in July) or twice (The Devil Wears Prada) before, it's something pretty freaking special. Texas in July opened up the night with some rad Christian (thanks Wikipedia) Metalcore. Totally enjoyed it and had to stop myself from moshing through the photo pit on a few occasions and had me wishing I had listened to them some more before their set that night. These guys killed it.

Volumes was something entirely different. Throughout photographing their set, I felt like, as far as Michael Barr and Gus Farias were concerned, were fronting a hip-hop act, not a Los Angeles metalcore act that brought an onslaught of breakdowns for the duration of their approximately 25 minute set. 

After Volumes wrapped up, The Ghost Inside took the stage. This is a band that I've had the pleasure of photographing many, many times. And one that never gets old. They played a perfect mix of new and old material from Fury and the Fallen Ones through Get What You Give. Finally, The Devil Wears Prada. I've photographed this band three times, being placed in several different spots throughout the lineup, at festivals, supporting a headliner, and now being the headliner themselves. Prada is yet another band that never, ever, ever disappoints with their energy live.  And for someone who had not seen Prada, nor listened to them much since probably 2007...the set was a punch in the jaw. Totally different, much, much heavier sound with reduced but still present clean vocals. Pretty pumped on the changes, not to say I didn't like their old material, but the new material is much more up my alley, and I'm totally okay with that.