'09 // a look back

The past year has held a variety of things for me: from my first magazine cover for College Magazine, to my first time to cover Warped Tour, a portrait session with Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes, and coupled with all of these client oriented subjects, I have progressed as a photographer. A shift to in style, a vast shift in the way I cover shows, and wish to present my work, and last, the first (albeit not full) year of this blog. This year has been nothing short of spectacular, and I can only hope that as 2010 rolls around, my progress as a person and an artist will continue moving forward. This post holds some of my favorites, like the photos from April and Chris's engagement session, the recent session at Empire Tattoo in Arlington, Texas, and more. Also, there are several images that I haven't shown anywhere before, some of my first lifestyle work out in Frisco, Texas, a few photos of Architects and Bring Me the Horizon from the Epitaph Tour held earlier this year, and some of your favorites, of course.

I hope that I can hear from you in 2010, the photos you like, a session you would like to book, or even just to talk shop. This year will hold a lot of new, interesting things, and I can only imagine what will come over the next several hundred days.

ryan // seniors // dallas tx

Ryan and I met up last week to do his senior photos, and after discussing some ideas, which started out pretty broad, focusing on his drumming, down to a pretty specific set of things we wanted to do. We started out shooting in studio, then moved to a location that I had been wanting to use for quite some time but never really felt like it would fit with any other clients/concepts, however for what Ryan and I had in mind, it was perfect. So we headed down to a semi-torn down building [that I still don't know the history of] off of Irving Blvd. in Dallas and set up Ryan's drum kit, albeit quite differently than it normally would have been. See, the concept Ryan wanted to shoot, and that I fell in love with once I thad thought it over a bit, was to have his kit just piled in on itself, sticks everywhere, etc. (hence the semi-demolished building). What I had in mind on the drive to the shoot changed pretty rapidly once we got to the shoot. Instead of shooting away from the building, we went into it, getting some pretty cool shots with a really simple set up...just a camera, no reflector, no strobes, quick, mobile, set up. After loading his drums back into his dad's car, we wandered around, getting some shots of Ryan longboarding around in the area, something I had been wanting to do for quite some time, as well as checking out a few more areas that were pretty close to grab some quick portraits in.

It was a super rad shoot, tons of fun hanging out with an old buddy and getting the privilege to take his senior photos.

blake mycoskie // portraits // dallas tx

This May I had the privilege of photographing TOMS Shoes Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie for portraits to be distributed with press materials. For those of you who don't know what TOMS Shoes are, they are a shoe that for every pair purchased, another pair is donated to a child in need of shoes, wether it is in a country on the African continent, or Argentina. Recently AT&T released an advertisement where Blake and TOMS were the center, which serves as quite an informative piece for those who didn't already know about the company or the shoes.Blake was great to work with, he is one of the most genuine and kindest people I have met, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do this shoot. After the seamless paper was set up, one of the cats started playing around with the paper, needless to say we all found it to be quite hilarious watching this cat walk in and out of frame, it really was a fun shoot, and I'm super stoked with the photos I made.

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