2014 // in review

This year was pretty damn solid. I took some photos, met new friends from all over the place, did my first tour run with some of those friends in a rad band called I Killed the Prom Queen, shot dozens of rolls of film, and feel like I genuinely pushed myself and my work into some spots where I wasn't necessarily comfortable at first, but knew it was a direction I at least wanted to explore.

2014 (in an abridged list):

  • Returned to shooting film alongside digital and remembered why I loved it so much in college. Suffice to say that the things I've learned and the gear I've picked up will be sticking around for a while and some additions are certainly going to be made
  • Did my first [very short] tour run with I Killed the Prom Queen,  some guys I'm now stoked to call friends. Stoked on the experience and definitely hope it is something I can do more of in the coming years
  • First test shoots with Dallas modeling agency The Dragonfly Agency—what a learning experience that was. I began doing these at the beginning of the year with a desire to create some more lifestyle and portrait type images and made several, but quickly burnt myself out with weekends packed with shoots and no time to get on the bike. Still, something I want to get back to in 2015 for sure
  • Shot a multi-day music festival here in Dallas, returning to South by So What?! for the first time in several years which led to me meeting lots of rad new people and taking some of my favorite images from the year. Very stoked I stayed in town for this one, even in day 3 was one of my most miserable shooting experiences ever thanks to some unusually cold March weather
  • Made tons of new friends
  • Enjoyed another year in Deep Ellum but wound up moving over to Oak Cliff at the end of the year - it's rad but different. Definitely miss being a short walk from Monkey King Noodle Company and Serious Pizza
  • Picked up some new hockey skates (maybe a bit of on ice cross training would compliment my cycling, or maybe I'm just trying to relive a fun bit of high school)
  • Spent another year with my amazing wife
  • Worked in a couple of short trips out to Los Angeles
  • I'm sure there's plenty of other shit that happened that I'm forgetting as I write this on New Years Eve, but really, I'm pretty sure if you're here it's to look at photos and not here a bunch of not so humble bragging - so yep, check out the photos, These are some of my favorite portrait, documentary, music, and otherwise cool [to me] photos. Hope y'all enjoy them as much as I do.

Many thanks to everyone I was able to work with, befriend, travel with, sat (stood) for a random portrait outside of a venue or backstage at a festival or were just generally a part of this year.