what you can do for your city // kyle steed

I met Kyle a few years ago when he was hosting a bike ride in Dallas, TX. The ride was organized to ride through the Oak Cliff/West Dallas area and look at some rad typography and see some cool things. I don't have a wealth of knowledge regarding design/type, but I do feel that I have an appreciation for beautiful design, hand painted signage, and drop in a bike ride with some cool people. Only bummer of the ride - me eating shit, twice. The first after pulling out of my new pedals and going over my handle bars, onto my back and sliding across Irving Blvd. Thank God for helmets and well built messenger bags (thanks, Chrome). Then again while  we were essentially standing still on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. After that ride, though, I knew I wanted to take some portraits of Kyle at some point and when I took time at the beginning of this year to refocus on personal work, shooting what I want to shoot in conditions I want to shoot in, I figured that would be a good time to get to shooting Kyle.

It took a couple more months before we were finally able to meet up. We took some photos while he was working on his new mural in the design district. I nabbed a documentary type frames while Kyle painted the mural and then shot a couple rolls of just portraits before we all left for the evening. Kyle's work is super unique and very rad. I've loved his work ever since I first saw it at Union Bear in Dallas and am so excited to see more people embracing his art throughout Dallas

Kyle Steed - Dallas
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