Photo courtesy of David "Skan" Bichard

Photo courtesy of David "Skan" Bichard

what's up?

I'm Casey Lee - a portrait/music/editorial/lifestyle/[occasionally] wedding photographer based in Orange County, California. I've been shooting pretty much consistently from when I got my first camera in 2006; first in music, then jumping into portraits, photojournalism in college, and some weddings here and there along the way.

I enjoy good music, burritos, cycling, shooting film, clean lines, and ice hockey.

 My goal is to tell stories, whether that is with a photo essay or a blog post, or one single image that stops you in your tracks and say “damn, I need a print of that.” 

I’m available for portrait, lifestyle, editorial, promotional, and documentary photography (weddings, tour, festival, etc.). Contact me at for more information.